Welcome to the Firefly 2016 Doom Crew. There are 2 forms below:

  1. Staff/Camping Details Form
  2. Shift Preference Form

Make sure to complete and submit both no later than Sunday, 6/12 at Noon.

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Firefly 2016 Shifts
Each day will be split into 2 shifts. Everyone will need to work at least 1 shift per day. As you put in your shift preferences, please note that everyone will need to work at least 2 evening/closing shifts. DO NOT list your preferences to work all opening shifts. You will note a 30 min transition period tacked on to the end of each shift. The transition period is when we are rotating in the staff for the new shift and rotating out the previous shift staff. We will do our best to accommodate everyone's requests, but may need to make some changes based upon the schedule's needs. Do not assume because you requested the shift that it is yours. We will post a final schedule for you early next week. Please do your best to get this back to us NO LATER than Sunday, 6/12 at Noon. We will post a final shift schedule on Monday or Tuesday. The shift preference form is below. Please note, you will submit 2 forms (the staff details form and the shift preference form).
We will have a staff meeting at our Booth in the main stage area on Weds, 6/15 at 8:00pm. Please confirm your attendance. *If we are unable to hold the meeting at our booth, we will let everyone know where the meeting will be held.
Accommodations - Camp Doom *
We will be setting up camp in vendor camping. Please let us know if you have a tent, or if you need one. We have a very limited amount of extra tents we can loan out -- so once we know who needs what we will go from there. Please note, you will need to provide your own sleeping bag/pillow. We have already purchased designated staff vendor camping spots for everyone*. However, If you have already worked out your own accommodations (live in town, camping in GA with friends, etc), and do not need the vendor staff camping spot, please notate that below. *Please note, if you have chosen to camp in GA camping with friends, we do not purchase those spots for you, you are responsible for that.
Please let us know below if you have any camping gear to share with anyone that may not it and what it is you have to share.
Please check the box below to confirm that you have read through the Staff Details email provided and that you agree to all Doom Crew details and guidelines.
Please let us know if you have any additional questions/comments.