We seek applicants who will maximize the positive impact they can have on the team, for the team, and on our guests. Doom Crew members must be reliable, respectful, responsible, self-aware, optimistic, trustworthy, and have an infectious positive attitude. The Doom Crew is a team system where all tips and work are shared. 

We believe in a conscious business and enlightened hospitality model. The Doom Crew must have a passion for the service industry and a non-compromising outlook -- negativity, gossip, laziness, and complaining need not apply. The Doom Crew is an all-inclusive business. We do not tolerate any of the -isms. We expect a high level of professionalism from our staff. We have a zero tolerance policy for harassment and disrespect of any kind. In turn, we have your back as we are not afraid to fire customers - we all deserve dignity.  You, them, everybody.    

Pay for the Fortress Music Festival includes:

1. A wristband and access to the music festival on each day that you work.

2. Cash pay, based on experience

3. Tip Share

**** Please note, submitting an application does not mean you automatically get a spot on the Doom Crew. We will be contacting people for phone interviews in the next couple of days. The festival is fast approaching so this process is going to move fast. 

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