It's Renegade Craft Fair time! The 2015 Renegade schedule is now published on Nimble Schedule. Login to see your shifts. It is IMPORTANT that you login to review your schedule! To view your schedule, login to Nimble Schedule (make sure you are either on all locations or choose Renegade) and click on the tab that says “My Schedule”. 

Booth Location

The Eats and Treats section of Renegade has moved -- for those of you that have been there in past years -- we are now located where the Vintage section used to be. This section is between Wolcott and Honore off of Division.


There is no onsite parking for staff.  You may be able to find parking in the neighborhood but be aware this is a HIGHLY attended event and parking may be difficult to find. We strongly suggest taking public transit, lyft, uber etc.


I am finalizing the menu today. We will have the menu boards up with the cheat sheets on the back so you know the menu and prices.


Pay for Renegade is as follows:

  • $40 per shift
  • 1- free Puff coupon for each shift you are working. This coupon can be redeemed for a Puff or traded with another vendor for food. Please note, not all vendors trade but we do have a bunch of buddies at the festival -- that we are pretty sure will trade food.
  • Tips/tip matching. Sunday night, tips are pooled from all shifts and then tallied, matched and distributed. For those of you working/coming to Renegade on Sunday night, meet at the tent at 7pm to receive your tip pay for the weekend. If you will not be working or attending Renegade on Sunday, please confirm a paypal email below so that there is no delay in tip payment. For those people receiving paypal payment, we will send out tips no later than Tuesday of next week.


Important Reminders/Changes

·      BE ON TIME – and ready to work. 

·      HAVE FUN and BE POSITIVE –  Renegade is one of our favorite events -- it was the very first event we did as a company  and it holds a super special places in our hearts! We our looking forward to another year of rocking it out at Renegade.

Let us know ASAP if you have any questions or concerns.



Rebecca & Luke


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