The Riotfest 2015 schedule is now published on Nimble Schedule. Login to see your shifts. It is IMPORTANT that you login to review your schedule! I believe we were able to accommodate everyone’s requests (wahoo), but please login to confirm your schedule. To view your schedule, login to Nimble Schedule (make sure you are either on all locations or choose riotfest) and click on the tab that says “My Schedule”. 

Wristband pick-up

We have 2 options for wristband pick-up:

Thursday, 9/10/15

  • 9am-11am at Douglas Park OR
  • 7pm-11pm at our house, 2323 W 24th St

If you can not make either of these pickups, let us know in the space provided.

Staff Entrance

Reminder that Riotfest has moved locations and is now in Douglas Park. The staff entrance is TBD and is open from 10am-6:30pm each day. To be 100% honest we are not sure what the staff entrance is going to look like, in 2013 it was pretty much a joke but who knows, this year it might be over the top -- moral of the story is to be prepared for anything :). Please bring an id as your names have been provided on a list that they will most likely check. We will let you know the staff entrance location when we confirm our booth location with you on Thurs.

Booth Location

We are located in Booth B9 -- yep that is all of the information we have. Riotfest sent us a map and we dont see our booth numbers on it :) We just heard from Riotfest that they are moving things around -- we will let you know where are booth is as soon as we hear the information from Riotfest. We also load in early on Thursday morning so at the very least, we will send everyone a quick message Thur pm with our booth location.



There is no onsite parking for staff. We highly suggest taking public transit, lyft, uber etc.



Riotfest has gone cashless this year. We will be collecting tickets instead of cash. we will have a black box (same as the one we used for the Taste of Chicago) for ticket collection, under the front counter for our POS folks to use. The tickets are the same as cash, so please treat them as such! For those of you that were not at the Taste of Chicago, we will go over the ticket procedures when you arrive for your shifts.


Our menu for Riotfest is as follows:

Savory - $7

  • Bourbon BBQ Pulled Pork
  • Bacon Ranch Mac & Cheese
  • Sausage Potato Beer Cheese
  • Taco 
  • Jalapeno Popper Chicken
  • Spinach Artichoke (vegetarian)

 Sweet - $6

  • Salted Caramel Chocolate
  • Banana Coconut Nutella
  • Peach Cobbler
  • Oreo  (VEGAN option available)
  • Peanut Butter Cup (GLUTEN-FREE option available) 

** we might do a special menu item (for example - eclair cake slices), if we have time and/or Rebecca gets excited about something :)



Pay for Riotfest is as follows:

  • Wristband for each day that you are working the festival
  • 1- free Puff coupon for each shift you are working. This coupon can be redeemed for a Puff or traded with another vendor for food. Please note, not all vendors trade but we do have a bunch of buddies at the festival -- Donerman, Ticas Tacos, Cevapcici -- that we are pretty sure will trade food.
  • Tips/tip matching. Sunday night, tips are pooled from all shifts and then tallied, matched and distributed. For those of you working/coming to Riotfest on Sunday night, meet at the tent at 11pm to receive your tip pay for the weekend. If you will not be working or attending Riotfest on Sunday, please confirm a paypal email below so that there is no delay in tip payment. For those people receiving paypal payment, we will send out tips no later than Tuesday, 9/15. 


Important Reminders/Changes

·      BE ON TIME – and ready to work. We can’t stress this enough. As we were expecting, Riotfest gave us WAY less wristbands than we would like, so we need everyone to be on time and on point. 

·      HAVE FUN and BE POSITIVE –  After a year hiatus, we are super excited to be back at Riotfest this year. While Riotfest is not the easiest production company to work with, the Riotfest crowd is awesome, loves us, and they are absolutely our demographic. We want everyone to have an awesome time, while selling out of all of the Puffs! 


Let us know ASAP if you have any questions or concerns.



Rebecca & Luke


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Staffing Confirmation *
I confirm that I have reviewed my shifts on Nimble Schedule and I will be on-time and ready to work for each of my scheduled shifts.
Wristband Pickup *
Wristband pick-up will be on Thursday, 9/10 from either 9am-11am at Douglas Park or 7pm-11pm at our house (2323 W 24th st). You will receive a wristband for each day that you are scheduled to work. Please confirm below or let us know in the space provided if you are unable to do this and provide some additional times/dates that you would be able to get your wristband.
Tips will be paid out on Sunday, 9/12 at our tent at 11pm. If you are not working and/or attending Riotfest on Sunday, tips will be paid out via Paypal no later than Tuesday, 9/15. If you will be receiving your tips via Paypal, please confirm your email address below.
Any additional questions?